Michael’s troubling news–and your chance to help

Shine Your Love Light on the Dunkleys

This is a tough one, folks. BumpKin-in-Chief Michael has recently been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The medical bills have already added up to an astronomical amount and he has only been getting treatment for about 3 weeks. As many of you know, Suzanne has been dealing with the effects of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis for many years and is on permanent disability. Some dear friends have set up a donation website on YouCaring.com where you can help us out.

It feels a bit like we’re busking on a street corner but forgot our instruments. Holding out a hat for you to drop money into to help pay medical bills is something we could ever have imagined having to do, but if you can help, we will be more grateful than we can possibly say.
Heaven bless you,
Suzanne and Michael