If you are looking to see if BumpKin Pie still exists…

…the quick answer is “Yes!” While we have not been performing lately–life has had other plans for us–we are still interested in playing. If you have a gig to offer us, please contact Suzanne at zeeebird (at) gmail¬†(dot) com . (Spelled out for our mutual protection.)

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…an important aside: If you have recently received spam from this domain and are here to see who sent it, rest assured, it was not us! Someone has commandeered our domain without our permission and is unfortunately using it to annoy a lot of people. We may change our registered domain at some point, for now it will have to stay the same. We apologize for any inconvenience the anonymous miscreants have caused. Now, please enjoy¬†the rest of our website!

Torpedos Away!

We’ll be at the Torpedo Factory tonight next to the green torpedo. Not sure what that means, but it’s gotta be good. Come on down and listen to us as you browse some masterful art!

Fun Picnic in Alexandria this Sunday!!

Yum Yum…

We’re really looking forward to playing for the good folks of the Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association and their many supporters and friends. Your ticket price gets you an afternoon of picnicking, music, and fun–and helps to support the Association–and makes you a member, too! There will be three acts on Sunday. The other two are Herb & Hanson and Kate Moran Band. We’re all from Alexandria, so you know it’s got to be good! There’s more info here.